“Baby One More Time” …. 20 years later

“Baby One More Time” turns 20 today. Damn, I feel old.

Happy birthday, darling!

I have some nice memories about this song/album. I was 10 when it came out. I remember LOVING everything about the album, from the writing on the front cover to the tear-out poster of Britney that came attached to the lyrics page. *sigh* Takes me back. Since then, we all know what happened to Britney…

Check out my worn-out CD I’ve kept and cherished all of these years!

Front cover
The back cover 👍
The lyrics…very important for any 90s kid.
The inside.

Fun Fact: At the end of my CD, Britney comes out at the end of Track 12 greeting the listener and thanking them for buying and listening to her first album! ❤️

I wore this puppy out, as you can see.


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